Evening Walks and Shooting the Moon

Summer has arrived with a bang. A week ago we were complaining about the rain: now it is too hot. This means there is now no excuse to avoid going out on the evening. Over the last two days I have been out around Cobham Common and next to Thorpe Park with my camera.

The Golden Hour on the common was beautiful and I managed to capture some warm landscapes. I also found the monument to Victoria’s review of troops camped there prior to their departure to the Crimea. This review included the ill fated Light Brigade, immortalised in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s narrative poem. On the return leg of my walk I discovered a pile of cleared silver birch trunks which made an interesting subject. In the carpark I was fortunate to witness spectacular views of the sunset and the moonrise at opposite points of the compass.


As I drove home the moon seemed to hover over me and grew in size until at one point it absorbed my whole horizon. Once home I decided to set up my tripod, remote and telephoto lens and see how much I could capture. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.


Today I walked down the path that runs behind Thorpe Park from Thorpe to Chertsey. This provides an interesting alternative perspective on a popular destination. What struck me was the tranquility I felt despite being sandwiched between the hustle and bustle of a theme park on one side and a water sports venue on the other. Thorpe itself is a lovely old village with many unusual features that make attractive studies.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed.




Water Gardens

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit John Lewis’s Watergarden at their Hampshire Leckford Estate. Built by John Spedan Lewis as a labour of love for his wife, the seven acre garden, supplied by the River Test is now open to partners and their guests.

Below are some of my images from the day.


Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed.