Christmas Decorations in Covent Garden

Many have commented on the seemingly endless bad and unexpected stories that have filled the news during 2016. One thing’s for sure, it’s almost over; I for one cannot believe that we are days away from the final month.

Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. This weekend I was in London with friends and took the opportunity to arrive alone and capture some shots of Covent Garden. The decorations were resplendent and were enjoyed by the hordes which had made their way to this popular attraction. I’ve selected a couple of my favourite pictures below.img_7872_edited-1img_7873_edited-1img_7877_edited-1img_7888_edited-1img_7896_edited-1img_7899_edited-1img_7903_edited-1img_7904_edited-1img_7908_edited-1

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Bury St Edmunds

I spent a restful weekend at my friends in a quiet village on the outskirts of Cambridge. I have been lucky enough to visit numerous times and their hospitality always extends to interesting sojourns into the local towns and villages. This time was no exception and a day trip was arranged to further-away-than-usual location, Bury St Edmunds. This is a market town that I knew little about, in fact I normally get it confused with its Westerly Neighbour, St Albans. It is in fact a picturesque market town in Suffolk, one of the most Easterly connotations in the British Isles.

Upon approaching the first noticeable landmark is the imposing sugar factory from which the Silver Spoon brand is manufactured. We parked on the outskirts of town with a view completing a signed historic walk. It was a beautiful frosty winter’s morning. One of the first I had enjoyed this season. Our first stop was medieval bridge, the brilliant sunlight dazzled through the changing foliage.IMG_7786_edited-1.jpg

Quickly afterwards we arrived at the abbey gardens. The ruins here are beautifully preserved and provide a real draw for tourists and locals alike. We spent a considerable amount of time exploring the variety of sights on offer, from the ruins of the old convent, to the peaceful water gardens and the public aviary; this all overlooked by the towns Cathedral.


The border between the garden and the town is marked with an impressive gateway. This reveals a town with some nods to the architecture of towns and villages in the Cotswolds although with its unique East Anglian twist. Bury St Edmunds for me is a great example of a modernised town. From the  square outside the gardens one can amble through narrow historical streets filled with bespoke shops and ultimately arrive at the market square, the market was in town for our visit. Beyond this lies the modern shopping centre which has been sympathetically annexed to the old town, filled with the ubiquitous high street offering, there are some buildings of architectural merit here.


We finished our day visiting the stunning Cathedral, then retracing our steps.



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Autumn Leaves

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. The turning of the leaves produces a vibrant display in Surrey, where I live. I feared I had missed the best of it this year owing to a trip abroad and a bout of illness. When Saturday came and was a wash out I found it unlikely I would get to go out and explore. I was delighted that the forecast for Sunday was realised and we were treated to a stunning Autumnal morning. I eagerly grabbed my camera and drove to Windsor Great Park, where I tried to capture the leaves in all their glory although some of the trees were past their best there was still plenty to see. Here are some of my favourite shots. I hope you enjoy – thanks for stopping by.


Dubai at Night

I’ve just got back from a trip to Dubai. Over the coming weeks I shall be editing my photos and providing a document of my trip. I will endeavour to complete this in chronological order and will try and add some narrative to the pictures that will provide greater context. As a taster I will start by uploading some of the pictures I took from my hotel balcony after the first full day. These photo’s were taken from Carlton Towers, which is situated on the Deira side of the creek. One of my photography aims for this trip were to capture some night shots using my remote switch and mini tripod. Below are some examples.



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