Mottisfont Abbey

In balmy early July I took a trip to Mottisfont Abbey, situated in the pretty area of Romsey, North of Southampton. Originally built as an Augustine Priory in 1201 it was turned into a family residence during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Its current appearance dates back to the 18th Century when much alteration work was carried out. In the 1930’s the estate became an artistic retreat under the patronage of Maude and Gilbert Russell.

The house is now run by the National Trust and encompasses elements which reflect its long and rich heritage; from the beautiful, formal walled gardens, to the original rooms on display and the hidden artistic gems. below are a few of my pictures from the day.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!IMG_9372_edited-1IMG_9377_edited-1IMG_9396_edited-1IMG_9403_edited-1IMG_9407_edited-1IMG_9416_edited-1IMG_9419_edited-1IMG_9422_edited-1IMG_9425_edited-1IMG_9432_edited-1IMG_9434_edited-1IMG_9438_edited-1IMG_9440_edited-1IMG_9441_edited-1IMG_9444_edited-1IMG_9445_edited-1IMG_9448_edited-1IMG_9449_edited-1IMG_9454_edited-1IMG_9475_edited-1IMG_9479_edited-1IMG_9481_edited-1IMG_9485_edited-1IMG_9488_edited-1IMG_9510_edited-1IMG_9515_edited-1IMG_9522_edited-1IMG_9523_edited-1



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