In Bruges – Part Two

Running easterly from the Markt square is a typical Bruges cobbled street, wider than many, it quickly expands to open into the Burg. This much smaller square is surrounded by interesting buildings and was one of the earliest parts of Bruges inhabited. The eye is immediately drawn to the Stadhuuis (Hotel de Ville or Town/City Hall) that is one of, if not the, most impressive examples in Belgium. Built in 1376 the the city to govern the city there are many historically significant documents are on display.


This building also is home to the extravagant Gothic Hall, with its 19th Century murals and polychrome vault.


Across the square from the Stradhuuis stood Bruges Cathedral which was torn down during the French Revolution. Next to it, in the corner remains the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

The Eastern flank of the square is occupied by the Bruges Vrijie. The impressive building was once a courthouse and now houses the city’s archive. A passage way back to a bridge over Groneriei canal to the colonnaded Vismarkt  (fish market) is known as the Alley of the Blind Donkey.


I’ll leave you with another shot I took on my first visit to the Burg. Thanks for stoping by, hope you enjoyed.



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